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Class Levels

  • Conceptual Physics: This level focuses on building an understanding of basic concepts and principles without heavy mathematical formalism. The emphasis is on developing intuition, critical thinking, and qualitative reasoning. 

  • Quantitative Physics: Students begin to delve into more quantitative aspects of physics at this level. They learn to apply basic mathematical tools such as algebra, simple trigonometry, and introductory vector algebra to problems. 


  • Advanced Physics: Here, students delve into more sophisticated topics in classical mechanics, such as vector analysis, rotation, and gravity. The mathematical rigor increases, with a focus on trigonometry, differential equations, and more sophisticated vector algebra. Students who have completed the quantitative level may sign up for this class. I will be following the MIT Mechanics course for undergraduates. All the material, including the lectures and demos, can be found at HERE. There will be about 30 minutes of homework/week for this class. 


Trimester Schedule

  • Fall trimester (September, October, November) - Newtonian Mechanics: Newton's laws of motion, kinematics, forces, free body diagrams. The duration of this trimester is 12 weeks. The tuition is $25/week.

  • Winter trimester (December, January, and February) - Momentum, centripetal force, energy, simple harmonic motion, rotation, waves, optics. The duration of this trimester is 12 weeks. The tuition is $25/week.

  • Spring semester (March, April, and May) - Quantum Physics and Electromagnetism. The duration of this trimester (for the spring of 2024 only) is 11 weeks. We are off the week of March 24th for spring break. The tuition is $25/week.

  • Summer semester (Roughly July 15 -Aug 15) - We will focus on Math and Physics Problem solving! This session will be discussion-based. All age groups are welcome. 


Class Schedule (School 2024-2025)

New Students: ​

  • Conceptual level: Tuesdays either 12 noon PM EST or 7:00 PM EST.

  • Quantitative level: Thursdays either 12 noon PM EST or 7:00 PM EST.


Returning students:

  • Wednesdays at either 12 (noon) EST or 7:00 PM EST.


 Where Do I Sign Up?

Registration for the summer 2024 session is open now.


 Sign up for classes here


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